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Engage with a Community of Like-Minded Investors. Join a network of over 190 members committed to putting capital to work for impact.  Access this experienced, active private investor community though local networks, in-person and virtual venture fairs, and the IC Online platform. Receive full monthly Ideals with latest company applications, deal updates, and Network e-news. Participate in IC programs to engage with impact enterprises and support emerging impact entrepreneurs. ACCESS HIGH QUALITY DEAL FLOW Access over 500 impact-oriented deals a year via our online platform, monthly updates, and venture fairs.  In addition to free registration for virtual venture fairs, save with steeper registration discounts for in-person Venture Fairs. Leverage the network’s resources to support your portfolio companies by circulating deals among Network Members for free.  Preview new deals and gain sector specific experience through Selection Committee opportunities. Benefit from initial IC due diligence – many deals are curated by our Pipeline Partners, more than 50 leading incubators, advisors, and funds.  Presenting companies have also been screened and coached by MBA Fellows, the IC team and Network members. GET DEALS DONE Work with, learn from, and invest alongside other members on the 15+ deals done through the network yearly.  Access the collective expertise of the IC membership during venture fair Deal Debriefs and through facilitated group due diligence, powered by the IC Online platform. Utilize Impact assessments.  IC is the only angel network to provide industry-leading GIIRS impact ratings and analytics for all presenting companies.  Comparable and transparent social and environmental performance ratings aid in deal evaluation and portfolio assessment. Diversify your portfolio and reduce investment management and administration by participating in the Patient Capital Collaborative (PCC) funds.  The PCC’s investor-owned cooperative approach to investing provides professional portfolio management across four to six IC companies per fund. Questions?  Please contact Alexandra LaForge, Director of Membership & Programs at alaforge@investorscircle.net
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Good Reading and Resources

All the latest from the impact investing ecosystem. Position, point-of-view, research and more. Money & Impact Investing Directory - Highlights topics, resources and organizations related to creating positive social and environmental impacts through money, business, and investing.   Perspectives on Progress - a research report released by J.P. Morgan and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). Total Portfolio Activation - Trillium, Tides & Tellus Need for Evidence & Engagement - The Impact Investor (Pacific Community Ventures, ImpactAssets, & Case i3), 2012 GIIRS Quarterly Analytics Report - GIIRS, Q1 2012 Impact At Scale: Policy Innovation for Institution Investment with Social & Environmental Benefit - Pacific Community Ventures, 2012 2011 Halo Report: Angel Group Year in Review - Angel Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank, & CB Insights, 2012 Sustainable Capitalism - Generation Investment Management, 2012 Investing for Impact - Credit Suisse Research Institute, 2012 Insights into the Impact Investing Market - J.P. Morgan and Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), 2011 Sustainability Trends in US Alternative Investments - US SIF Foundation, 2011 Social Investment Manual - The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, 2011 Employees Matter: Maximizing Company Value Through Workforce Engagement - Anne Claire Broughton, SJF Institute, 2011 A New Foundation for Portfolio Management - Leslie Christian, Presented by RSF, 2011 Money for Good - Hope Consulting, 2010 Local Foods, a Guide for Investors and Philanthropists - Amy Dickie, 2010 Investing for Social and Environmental Impact - Monitor Institute, 2009 Essays & Reports from our Network A Halo for Angel Investors - Steven Carden and Olive Darragh - McKinsey Quarterly 2004 (a write up of the study assessing the IRR of IC companies from 1992-2003) RISE Capital Market Report: The Double Bottom Line Private Equity Landscape in 2002/2003 - The Research Initiative on Social Entrepreneurship (RISE) & Cathy Clark (RISE Director) Sustainability and Venture Capital - Phillip Dignan and Stacey McKittrick, Appian Venture Partners DBL Media Finance Report - Ford Foundation, Investors' Circle DBL Media Finance Report Executive Summary - Ford Foundation, Investors' Circle The Nature of Returns - Jed Emerson, Bloomberg Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Business School An Example of Social Return on Investment: Rubicon Bakery - Roberts Enterprise Development Fund Investing in Sustainable Energy Systems - Robert Shaw, President, Aretê Corporation The Dividing Lines between Philanthropy and Investment - Caroline Williams, former President, Grey Seal Capital A Due Diligence Template - Larry Waddell, Managing Director, SJF Ventures Essays & Reports by Woody Tasch, Chairman Emeritus The Next Trillion - Woody Tasch, Monterey Country Weekly, September 2007 Slow Money - Woody Tasch, Resurgence Magazine, January/February 2007 Frog with a Baseball on its Tongue - Woody Tasch The Blue Dot - Woody Tasch The Pursuit of Zero [excerpts] - Woody Tasch Slow Money - Woody Tasch Mission-Related Investing: A report from IC's 2003 workshop for foundations - Sara Olsen and Woody Tasch (editor) Mission-Related Investing: Strategies for Philanthropic Institutions - Woody Tasch and Brian Dunn, A Report for the Northwest Area Foundation Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation Essay - Woody Tasch and Stephen Viederman
Domestic Impact Enterprise Landscape Report by SJF Institute, CASE at Duke and O-H Community Partners. Accelerating Impact Enterprises: How to Lock, Stock, and Anchor Impact Enterprises for Maximum Impact. The goal of this Accelerating Domestic Impact Entrepreneurs project is to understand better the needs of domestic impact enterprises and to identify philanthropic investment opportunities that can be targeted to accelerate and increase the likelihood of success among impact enterprises that are based in the US. In partnership with SJF Institute, a Durham-based nonprofit that works to help positive impact for-profit entrepreneurs and communities to thrive, and with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, CASE i3 is exploring three main issues related to the development of the “demand” side of the impact investment marketplace, in this case, the needs and potential for domestic for-profit social enterprises who may be the recipients of impact investment capital. The research aims to address three main questions: How has the overall market of impact enterprises evolved? What impact enterprise segments have the most potential for impact? What do impact entrepreneurs need to succeed? Building on the initial national survey of impact enterprises done by Cathy Clark in 2003 through the RISE project at Columbia Business School, CASE i3 and SJF Institute have conducted a 10 year follow-up survey of for-profit entrepreneurs in the US. In addition, they have partnered with B Lab around understanding the emerging landscape of certified B Corps and with OH Community Partners to explore the needs of other impact-focused market segments in the US. The project is part of a collaborative global research consortium into the needs of impact entrepreneurs around the globe that was initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation, and includes ANDE, FSG, Monitor Deloitte, NESsT, and the William Davidson Institute. Download the Executive Summary here.